10 things for which a woman should not apologize. Never

Whatever choice we make in life, there will always be someone who considers himself the right to condemn or indicate how it would be more correct. It’s time to stop paying attention to this and getting rid of guilt for how we arrange life.

Imagine the situation: you order Latte without caffeine, and you are brought to double espresso. What do you say? “Sorry, but this seems to be not quite what I ordered”? That’s right. Only now the word “sorry” is better to remove.

A recent study showed that women apologize more often for men. And not because we are more polite. The fact is that society has been guilt for decades for the fact that we generally have our opinion or desires and needs. It’s time to stop asking for forgiveness for being existed, and for what choice we make. Never apologize for.

1. Your “love status”

Being free (not lonely, namely free) is not a crime, no matter how often your mother hinted at the opposite, when she finally sees you in a white dress. And if you have a partner and for some reason you do not want to enter into an official marriage, this is also not a crime. Without a stamp in the passport, it is quite possible to live, enjoying each other’s company.

You are married and happy as a housewife? This is no less worthy choice than any other if you are satisfied and feel in your place. Whatever your status on Facebook (an extremist organization banned in Russia), your personality is not determined by the situation on the personal front. It doesn’t matter who thinks about it. This is your life, and to live it to you, and not your

mother or friends who know exactly how it should.

2. How you use the uterus

Yes, I’m sorry (oh, apologies again!) for straightforwardness, but that is what is called. Parents tired of hints that they want to understand their grandchildren, while you firmly understand that motherhood is not your path? You have every right to do this and are not obliged to make excuses for it, even if you change your mind in ten years. Or do not change your mind.

Or maybe they say to you that only one child give birth to only egoists? Or a friend with foam at the mouth proves that the earth is overpopulated and giving birth to a third child is pure madness (and you want five)? This is only your choice. Give birth or not, how often to give birth, how many times to give birth – only applies to you. Even if we are talking about surrogate motherhood (consider, this is a rented uterus, that is, temporarily yours). To be a parent is a lifelong choice, and you should not make such decisions for the sake of other people’s beliefs.

3. How you bring up children

In your house, not a nightingale, the children are clean and tidy, the dog does not bark and fulfills all the commands, and one of the friends still drops: “Real mothers have no such order”? Or your child is watching a cartoon while you decide to relax for ten minutes after a cup of morning coffee, and you feel guilty: a good mother would now engage in the development of the child, and did not turn on the cartoon for him? Or maybe you secretly cannot wait for the day when the children finally grow up and leave the parent’s nest? Be that as it may, do not scold yourself. You do everything you capable of. No one can say what it is to be a “real mother”. Therefore, you are a real mother, what is.

4. How often you have sex

It is believed that the happiest couples have sex at least twice a week. And if your husband and your husband are enough once – it means that marriage is on the verge of decay? Or you consider it necessary to make excuses for an increased libido when girlfriends raise eyebrows to your revelations like “And we have three times a day”? While you and your partner are happy with the frequency of intimate contacts, no opinion should worry you to worry. When we have sex contrary to desire, it causes damage to the psyche and relationships.

Every day, twice a week, once a month … This does not characterize either your union, the power of love, or the degree of happiness. The main thing is that you feel good as often as you want.

5. How successful you are

You are already over 30, and you have not yet earned six -digit amounts? So you have no ambitions and you are a loser. In love with your work and with pleasure storm career heights? You are too fastened with this. Achieved success, but hide it so that you are not envied? Or maybe you are NELD – just a housewife? How not ashamed, because you had such a potential.

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