Partner visa is for those who fall into three different categories (i.e. opposite-sex partners) and partners (involves with same-sex relationship) either Australian permanent residents or Citizens and New Zealand citizens, Canadian Citizens who wish to stay permanent in Australia or in Canada . Insight Visa International company cares about you to get this visa with basic needs and appropriate visa process.

Visit related to recreational activities, medical treatment, visiting an Australian/Canadian family member.
  • – Married relationship (same-sex or opposite-sex partner): Partner Visa
  • – Intended Marriage: Prospective Marriage Visa

Basic Requirements

There few requirements that every person has to fulfill before lodging an application and Insight Visa International People can help you with your and your’s partner application.

  • – Must meet the character and medical criteria
  • – You must meet the basic requirements if you have dependent family members or child
  • – If you are sponsored by a person (partner, a parent or any other circumstances) who is holding any citizenship or Permanent residency and someone who meet the basic requirements for being a sponsor.