Family & Partner Visa

Australia has introduced a new visa called Family Sponsored Visa which includes the whole Family to come together. This visa is sponsored by permanent citizens, Australian and eligible New Zealand citizens. Partner Category Visa. This visa is categorized into three parts:
  • – Partner of an Australian Citizen or permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen
  • – Fiancé Marriage
  • – Same-sex marriage partner

Parent Visa

In Australia, a parent visa is given to those people whose child is living in Australia as a citizen or a permanent resident. This type of visa is sponsored to that child who is living in this country. There are few numbers of visa are issued by the Australian authorities every year. So, be patient and wait for your turn.
Parent visa is further divided into two categories. The first category is for those who are going to apply in Australia and second one is for those who wish to apply outside of Australia.

Other Family Visas

Family members which involve sister, brother, relative can also come to Australia on a temporary visa and then transform into the permanent resident. These type of family visas are those who is the Australian citizen, permanent visa and suitable New Zealand citizens.